„JOY FOR NEPAL” raised over 106.000 euros

„JOY FOR NEPAL” raised over 106.000 euros

OMA Vision in co-operation with Alex Gavan has delivered a strong-structured fundraising campaign in May-July 2015, to support reconstruction after the 7.8 earthquake that stroke Nepal, on April 25th 2015.


The quake and the aftershocks killed over 8,000 people, destroying thousands of communities and towns. The main challenge of the project was starting at sub-zero level: there was no logistical structure to implement fundraising projects and a complete lack of kick-start financing; an impossibility to start the campaign immediately after the quake (with Alex being blocked in Nepal); a low awareness in Romania regarding Nepal situation, and the risk that people would not respond to a humanitarian appeal.


The project gathered around the idea of rebuilding joy of life in remote communities the Romanian media, donors, partneres and influencers. The amount was raised through campaign & fund-raising website www.alexgavan.ro/nepal, PR & BTL - online, social media, all traditional media, events, companies, influencers and social media.


The campaign raised exceeded the fund raising target initially set, of 100.000 E, reaching over 106.000 Euro. The money are to be transferred to Karuna-Shechen, for implementing the reconstruction projects in remote communities in Nepal.