Bucharest Forum 2012 - ”Europe’s Frontier Economy: Is a New Silk Road possible? ”

Bucharest Forum 2012 - ”Europe’s Frontier Economy: Is a New Silk Road possible? ”

The core principles and priorities necessary for a Pact to revive Romania's economy, shared by decision makers and business people, were identified by the participants at the debates within the Bucharest Forum, organized by the Aspen Institute, on November 8-9, 2012, at the Palace of Parliament, with the topic "Europe's Frontier Economy - Is a New Silk Road possible?".

The Aspen Institute was supported for this project by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), the Romanian Businessmen's Association (AOAR) and the Foreign Investors Council (FIC).

The economy Pact is deemed to be a continuous process that involves dialog and consultation, that will eventually led to a set of political and business trends that would facilitate the economic revival of Romania and a better strategic positioning at a regional level.

The core principles identified after the debate are: transparency, continuity, predictability, stability, expertise, efficient supervising and holding on to a continuous consultation process.

The priorities set after the workgroup sessions are: process and dialog mechanics, transparency and governance, public and private financing, encouraging the usage of talent and the inclusion of solutions offered by technology and innovation.


The process of dialogue and consultation will carry on. More details can be found here. OMA VISION was partner of this project, providing the PR concept and the media relations.