Good Luck, 100%.RO!

Oana Marinescu and OMA VISION will separate, as of today, from the project 100%.RO, given that they will take on new initiatives. Oana Marinescu has also withdrawn from the 100%.RO Association.

"We have enormously loved this project and we have provided a key contribution for its strategic development and for its public communication. From our point of view, 100%.RO is a model on how one can communicate about Romania in a positive and authentic way. The communication approach aimed at creating a positive conversation about Romania and we do believe that such conversations are possible with so many other projects and initiatives. We, as promoters of public stances, just need to have a positive perspective and attitude when we go public. 100%.RO has now a solid ground to further develop, in order to meet its objectives. We wish "Good Luck!" the 100%.RO team!", Oana Marinescu said today.