“Label-free Children”, launched with powerful study on the level of child abuse

“Label-free Children”, launched with powerful study on the level of child abuse

The first event in a series to follow until October 2013 of the "Label-free Children'' ("Copiii fara eticheta") campaign created by OMA Vision for Save the Children Romania brought together key officials of the Romanian Government, including Remus Pricopie, Minister of Education and Adrian Pana, state secretary for Health. The press conference that marked the event, on 19.03.2013, raised great interest not only among parents, teachers and members of the civil society, but also among the press. No less than five of the most important TV stations in Romania were present at the event. 

The figures reavealed by the Save the Children Romania's study are striking: 86% of the Romanian children are punished by their teachers when they make a mistake; between 38% and 63% children are beaten up by their parents. It is the first time in 10 years that such a study is being carried out in Romania.

"We need to have teachers that aggress children out of schools", was the Minister of Education's main statement. 

OMA Vision provides the full strategy and the project management of the communication campaign that Save the Children Romania runs to fight violence against children. "Label-free Children" ("Copiii fara eticheta") is also implementing a blogging initative, a full online platform for positive parenting and will include a series of striking video testimonials against violence involving influential public personalities in Romania.

The main goal of our campaign is of wide scoap: to generate a change in attitude regarding children and their education, both in their families and schools and at public level. 



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