OMA VISION got a Silver Award at Romanian PR Award 2012

OMA VISION got a Silver Award at Romanian PR Award 2012

OMA VISION got a Silver Award at Romanian PR Award 2012, section Budget-/Creativity+, for the communication campaign designed and implemented for the Project 100%.RO.


OMA VISION provided the project management, the communication strategy (analysis, research and strategic planning), implementation (copywriting, media relations, public affairs, event management) and evaluation for an independent cultural initiative aimed at valorizing Romania's patrimony in a modern cultural language (March 2011-January 2012).


Beginning with a conversation about Romania, the entire communication strategy developed with a focus on handling the stereotypes about Romanians, their negative impact and the on counter-balancing them through culture and recognition of Romanians' values, both for the Romanian and foreign audiences.


"Conversations about Romania that ignore the bitter and that are looking at what we value in Romania, what it's good here, the things that happened and are happening, what people succeed to realize something and how, in order to value opportunity, confidence, creative energy, attitude, pride and action, initiative and participation. A good conversation about Romania can give us the antidote for the Romanian bitterness. Therefore, those who are tired to swim into Romanian bitterness should not give up and enter into a conversation about Romania. A conversation about what is good, what we like, what sets us apart, what can we improve, what can we create, what can we tell about and to ourselves and  to others' about us that can truly represent us and increase our self-esteem as a nation", said Oana Marinescu when launching the 100%.RO conversation about Romania, in July 2011.


Both Romanian and international media widely reported about the project and the main event: the 100%.RO Couture Collection "Prejudicies",  which can be easily considered the positive news of the year on Romania in the foreign press.