OMA VISION takes the Enescu Festival to Italy

OMA VISION takes the Enescu Festival to Italy

Romania will be Guest Country at Lu.Be.C. 2012, a reference event in the field of cultural heritage promotion and technological innovation for culture and territorial marketing, to take place in Lucca, Italy, on October 18-20, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. Romania's participation at the event was made possible through a partnership established by OMA VISION and PROMO P.A. Fondazione, organiser of the event.


Romania will be represented by the George Enescu International Festival and Competition, the company ReadForward, specialised in technological solutions for the cultural sector, the branding agency Eroii de Joi, specialised in cultural and educational projects, and OMA VISION, as international partner of Lu.Be.C. 2012.


Romania's room will show how the Enescu Festival has evolved from a classical music event, created in 1958 in honour of the great composer, after whom the event was named, to a cultural country brand. Preview information will be made public at Lu.Be.C. about the 13th edition of the Enescu Festival, taking place in September 2013, and about technological applications for cultural products.


"Romania's participation at this conference is meant to show that our country has both cultural products of international value, and experts in innovative technologies, branding and communication who can promote them in a creative way. Romania will be represented at Lu.Be.C. by one of its most prestigious and widely known cultural events - the George Enescu International Festival and Competition and by young companies in the field of technology and communication, which contributed to transforming the Festival into a cultural country brand. It is therefore a mix of tradition and modernity, which shows the evolution of a cultural product thanks to modern communication means. On the other hand, OMA VISION's role as international partner of LU.B.EC confirms our company's expertise in cultural promotion projects," - said Oana Marinescu, Managing Director OMA VISION.


The Lu.Be.C. 2012 international conference will include debates, seminars, workshops and presentations that will propose intervention strategies and collaborative networks aimed at stimulating ideas on promoting cultural heritage, technology and tourism. Part of the event is Lu.Be.C. Digital Technology, an exhibition dedicated to the digital and technological innovation applied to cultural heritage promotion and to territorial marketing. For further details about the international event, please visit