Perspectives on Financing the Romanian Agriculture

Perspectives on Financing the Romanian Agriculture

On March 18, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (CCIFER) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Romania (CCIpR) launched the debate on a crucial topic for the future of the Romanian agricultural sector: the impact of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on financing the Romanian agriculture.


The Conference "Perspectives on Financing the Romanian Agriculture: CAP Reform - the New Framework for the Direct Payments. Specific Tools for Financing the Agriculture" was organized in Bucharest by CCIFER, together with the CCIpR, and with the support of the Economical Service of the French Embassy in Romania.


The event gathered more than 150 participants - farmers, investors, bankers, judicial and financial consultants, all willing to share their experiences and views on the best approaches for initiating and developing and projects in the agriculture field. At the same time, representatives from the Romanian institutions, among whom George Turtoi, State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Mihai Putinei, General Director of the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA), presented the terms and schedule for project financing within the new financial framework.


OMA Vision developed the communication concept and was in charge with the PR and media relations management for the event. The topic discussed was among the main news run by publications specialized in agriculture like Radio Romania Antena Satelor, AgroIntel,, Business Agricol, Profitul Agricol, Ferma and was covered also by economic media like Capital,, Caleaeuropeana. The conversation was moderated by Cătălin Lența, journalist with RFI, specialized in agricultural topics.