Press Conference: CCIFER Launched the White Book on Competitiveness

Press Conference: CCIFER Launched the White Book on Competitiveness

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (CCIFER), in partnership with the Romanian Office of the Foreign Trade Counselors of France, launched the White Book on Competitiveness in a Press Conference organized on May 7, 2015.


The White Book was drafted by experts from the CCIFER Thematic Working Groups and includes recommendations and action proposals in eight essential areas with potential for development: training, innovation, labor market, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, financial markets, and tourism.


The measures promoted by CCIFER experts are rooted in the practical experience gained by French and Romanian companies while acting on the local market. They are conceived with a view to be easily implemented and generate major structural changes.


OMA Vision developed the communication strategy for launching the White Book on Competitiveness, provided training for speakers at the Press Conference, and was in charge with the PR & media relations management for the event.


CCIFER brings together almost 500 companies with French and Romanian capital, both large enterprises and small or medium enterprises. Overall, CCIFER members provide 15% of Romania’s GDP and more than 125,000 jobs.