Who’s Afraid of Fears and Failures?

How much courage does it take for us to confront our fears and failures? Where can this courage take us? Can it be a failure to speak publicly about such a fearful topic? With these three questions in mind and open to challenges as always, Oana Marinescu, the managing director of OMA Vision, accepted the invitation of IMPACT HUB BUCHAREST to moderate the second edition of the Fears & Failures Conference, organized on May 13, 2016.


Over 50 participants attended an 8-hour long marathon of empowering conversations, shared experiences, and reflections on how successful personalities, such as actress Maia Morgenstern, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Labor Valeriu Nicolae, entrepreneur & business coach Ovidiu Toader, founder of www.romaniapozitiva.ro Florin Ghindă, and co-founder "Școala vieții de cuplu",
Andrei Tudose, have dealt with their own fears and failures both in career and in their personal life.


"I wanted people to embark on a journey within, not to just look for a recipe of success in what the speakers said. The beautiful energy in the room, the honest opening on topics exposing to vulnerability, the vivid participation of the audience in conversations, made me feel very grateful both to IMPACT HUB Bucharest, for trusting me, and to the attendees, who took the time courageously to talk about and reflect upon dealing with their own fears and failures", Oana said.


On behalf of IMPACT HUB Bucharest, Lucian Grămescu, Incubation Manager, added: "The Fears & Failures experience required a skilled host, who could help participants open, sometimes to the upside of , about difficult moments in their life journey, some of which they have shared so far only within their closest circle. Oana has tackled this difficult challenge by building conversations that involved both the speakers and the audience, by asking the right questions, and by empathizing with speakers when they needed her support the most. However, her most significant contribution was in understanding that it was first and foremost her responsibility as a host to lead by proving the same level of sincerity in sharing fears, failures and the lessons we can learn only by accepting them".