Andra Țărnea

Andra Țărnea

Communication Consultant


Business/ Corporate/ European Affairs


The best stories are the real ones, those rooted in facts and told the right way. I believe in the incredible power of narrative. Any good story needs strong arguments. So do all communication projects that, at the core, are stories to tell. It is thrilling that through my work I can contribute to revealing and developing the content behind a project. Helping others - clients, partners, supporters - to understand a project goes beyond marketing and branding, it becomes meaning. This is what drives my daily work.


I have built a significant academic and professional background and a solid theoretical and practical experience in Romania and abroad. My assignments covered both the public and the private sector. As a result, I bring a concrete set of skills to the job when it comes to developing meaningful narratives.


Before joining the OMA Vision team, I was Corporate Communication Director for a private Romanian company acting in the energy sector. My focus was on setting up the internal and external corporate Communication Strategy at a time of organisational change for the company.


Between 2009 and 2011 I was the Foreign and European Affairs Advisor to the President of the Romanian Senate. My responsibilities included implementing the foreign policy strategy and external agenda for the President of the Senate; planning and coordinating official visits abroad; speech-writing on foreign affairs issues; organising public debates and hearings on European and international topics. In this capacity, I contributed to the creation of the mechanism allowing the Romanian Senate to participate in the process of surveillance and elaboration of the European legislation, by engaging the consistent knowledge of European institutional framework acquired during my academic experience in Brussels.


My education includes a Master in European Studies (from 2007 to 2009) at the European Studies Institute (UCL & FUSL - Brussels); with a Research Fellowship at the MGIMO University (Moscow); and a BA in Political Science with a Minor in Information and Communication at UCL (Belgium).


In January 2014 I joined OMA Vision. My competences and work ethics are aligned with those of OMA Vision team's. Being comfortable in handling a diversity of contents, I'm currently in charge with developing the corporate and business related projects, in economic, agriculture, legal affairs, and energy areas.


I follow closely European affairs topics and international relations and often share interesting analysis and reports on my Facebook page.


I speak fluent French and English and have a basic command of Spanish.


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Magda Pescariu

Magda Pescariu

Project Manager


Business Operations/ Marketing & Communication


A self-disciplined intuitive thinker with an education and over two decades' experience in International Business Development and Marketing-Communications, I know full well today how vital it is to advance relationships in professional life through affect, connection and collaboration, and much less through persuasion and influence.

Prior to joining OMA Vision, I've built partnerships, assisted clients with their communication needs, and worked with companies to grow their business, both in the USA and Europe, within niche industries such as fashion, luxury, cultural and military.

From industrial and military companies in Israel, South-Korea, and the USA, to European famous fashion designers and houses; from Romanian startups grown into established companies, to US luxury businesses and brands benefiting from our creative collaboration, I've learned along the way two essential professional lessons: first - that only by speaking out against the status quo one may actually create change; and second - that empathy is not a weakness, it's rather a powerful communication tool.

Within the past few years my role has morphed into something even more interesting, best to be described as a ‘creative project manager'. In this role, the one I play at OMA Vision as well, not only do I get to assist with the ideation of new projects - be they business, marketing or cultural, I get to contribute hands-on to their development and execution, and work closely with the team to ensure we achieve all our goals.

Having a way with words gives me the opportunity to connect with the world also through my freelance writing. One of these labors of love is writing for Westlake Malibu Lifestyle Magazine, California, as their Fashion Editor, since 2008.



Nona Beicu

Nona Beicu

Communication Consultant


CSR / Technology / Culture / Business


They say we are only as good as the promises we keep and I couldn't agree more. I believe that being an effective communicator implies, first of all, the capacity to keep all our promises and to stay true to the messages we choose to share with the audience. At the same time, with technology's increasing power over our communication nowadays, we have to be wise and, as Sherry Turkle says, to „begin to measure the success of devices not by how much time consumers spend on them, but by whether it is time well spent". It is, after all, a discussion about the quality and beauty of our conversations and the way we, the communicators, can use technology to our audiences benefit - both subjects I care about deeply and which I explore every day in my professional life.


I joined OMA VISION in 2016 following this passion and trying to direct it towards improving people's lives and generating societal change from within. I keep an eye open on corporate social responsibility complex issues, and on how to best use technology and communication to reclaim meaningful conversations between people and bring them unspoiled into the relevant spotlight.


My previous work as the CSR Project Manager for a telecommunication corporation, where I coordinated, among other projects, a national program using mobile communication technologies to find solutions to some of the most urgent and difficult health issues in our society, enriched my experience of different communities and broadened my knowledge about the ways companies can support and empower people to live better lives.


From my first encounter with communication a decade ago, as a copywriter for an advertising agency in Bucharest, I‘ve come a long way. Part of this formative journey was also joining the team of an architecture magazine, working for the Bucharest Architecture Biennial 2010, and launching the first architecture festival in Romania.


I have a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Public Relations from The National School of Political Sciences and a Master Degree in Performance, Multimedia, Society from the University of Bucharest. Recently I completed the "Foreign Policy and Diplomacy" course at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute and obtained the Sustainability Reporting (GRI G4) Certificate offered by Global Reporting Initiative and Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE).