What makes us different? VISION. It’s so important to our mission, Vision is part of our name.

To know where you need to go, you must first see and understand the obstacles you face. OMA Vision’s unique combination of professional expertise and experience in top level public affairs and strategic communication helps you chart the right course. We provide in-depth analysis and critical insight from political, sociological, psycho-social and economic perspectives on the complex interactions between Romania’s public sector, media, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, industry and business.

OMA Vision’s public communication expertise taps into an extensive network of key contacts in the media, the government and the private sector. This gives us a unique awareness and understanding of the economic, political and social trends that can affect your organization’s management and communication strategies.

But analysing the problem is just the beginning of the solution. OMA Vision also provides the management skills to initiate, develop, oversee, implement and follow through on complex public and strategic communication projects, working with a range of diverse stakeholders.

The key is leadership, and at OMA Vision, leadership means initiative, innovation and creativity. That’s our Vision.