OMA VISION undertakes only lawful actions.

We respect the law and the legal obligations that we and our clients have.

OMA VISION is committed to honesty.

We don’t consider deception as a solution, but as a problem. We do not disseminate intentionally inaccurate information. We take immediate action to correct it, if it happens. We don’t offer financial or any other rewards for support or media coverage.

OMA VISION is committed to progress, through promoting best practices and new ideas.

We support growth and development. If old practices are not useful any longer, we look to replace them and share with others models of best practices. We provide quality, professionalism and creativity. We support new ideas and encourage trend-setting.

OMA VISION is committed to mutual benefit.

We want to share with our clients, partners and the whole society the benefit of our actions.

OMA VISION is committed to mutual respect.

We respect our clients and partners and expect respect from them. We do not get involved in projects and do not take actions that go against our values and principles.