Our mission is to contribute to the public debate, public awareness and policy making by supporting non-governmental and governmental stakeholders to promote their agenda in the public space in a professional, responsible and inclusive way.

The values that we believe in:


Respect for the public space

We believe in the crucial importance of a healthy public space for the development of the individual and of the society as a whole, and we act accordingly. We carefully chose the projects that we support and the tools we use in order to strengthen the democratic debate and the civil participation in public issues. We pay respect to our clients, to our partners and to our audiences.



We provide to our clients the best of our expertise. We are honest in what we can do. We keep our promises and act with integrity.



We take responsible actions, always having in mind the consequences that our deeds have in the public realm and in the society. We are not alone in this society: we care about the others and train our clients to do the same; we get involved in pro-bono projects and actively support progressive ideas, as well as cultural and educational initiatives.



We believe in the value of cooperation. We carefully look at how the projects that we support impact other people’s lives, groups or the society as a whole. We build up alliances, we develop communication, we exchange views and experience, in order to find the right solutions in developing an initiative.