Strategic communication

for leaders, companies, institutions, non-governmental organizations


OMA VISION creates and implements communication, PR & public affairs strategies with vision, opening new perspectives for positioning, action and growth;

Develops creative branding & re-branding strategies;


Develops effective concepts for events and conferences;

Provides powerful content management (websites, facebook accounts, newsletters, various printed, video, radio materials, etc);

Provides refined copywriting (public messages, slogans, scenarios, speech writing, presentations, press releases, information materials, brochures, etc);


Provides complex analysis (media, public agenda, political, etc), grounding efficient solutions for decision making.



for leaders, companies, institutions, non-governmental organizations

OMA VISION provides in-depth analysis, evaluation & recommendations on internal and external communication, reputation growth and reputation related risks, crisis communication procedures and practices;

Develops efficient internal communication and crisis communication procedures;

Provides startling and responsible advice on public communication (tactics, topics, positioning, messages, etc);

Provides advice and innovative solutions for the communication and PR of events, conferences, projects, campaigns;

Advises on the use of various communication tools, including social media.


Project management

for complex communication projects

OMA VISION creates and develops complex projects including services provided by trusted partners (as graphic creation, promotional materials production, media buying);

Coordinates teams of key professionals as a Consortium Leader;
Manages the implementation of a communication plan, with leadership and creativity.



for leaders, top and middle management; one-to-one or teams; Romanian, English and French

Media skills: developing key competences in dealing with the press and getting messages across;

Public communication: understanding the public space and learning the right tools for being on the public agenda and developing a trusted public profile;

Crisis communication: developing key competences and operative procedures to successfully manage a communication crisis;

Internal communication: developing tools and procedures to ensure a flawless internal communication, based on best-practices models;

Public speaking (business leaders, political leaders, executives): developing competences to plan, create and provide powerful and engaging speeches or presentations;

Intercultural workshops: translating Romania to foreigners (mentalities, culture, political and institutional specificity, etc).

Each training is tailor-made to meet the customer's specific needs. Ask for a detailed presentation at


Public speaking

in Romania and abroad; languages: Romanian, English and French

Conferences and debates on various topics such as leadership, public affairs, public diplomacy, reputation management, PR & public communication, crisis communication.


Event moderation

conferences, debates, seminaries - in Romania and abroad; languages: Romanian, English and French

OMA VISION elaborates briefs for the participants, organizes panels, sets up the framework for the debate, moderates debates and the Q&A sessions.


Public affairs

OMA Vision develops public affairs services mainly for cultural and social projects.

OMA Vision remains highly selective with regards the public affairs projects proposed by commercial customers.

We remain committed to our mission statement and to our ethical principles in the selection we make and get involved in projects that are sustainable and socially significant.